WHY NOT wear that outfit that makes you feel confident, even if it isn’t the “modern style”?

WHY NOT tell that stranger you love their shoes, because you’re scared they’ll think you’re weird?

WHY NOT try cooking that meal you’re intimidated by, but have secretly always wanted to try?

WHY NOT sing in the grocery store when you feel like it, but instead you’re too scared because…”what will these random strangers think of me??”

WHY NOT sit down and do what you’ve always dreamt of doing – learning to dance, writing a book, learning woodwork, sewing, hunting…

STOP being the same as everyone else just because it’s comfortable. You’re missing out SO MUCH on what this short life has to offer that you don’t even know the half of what you’re missing out on.

8 thoughts on “WHY NOT?”

  1. Keziah, why do you always have to hit the nail right on the head? 😂 I love this post. You’ve inspired me not to be “just like others” if there’s something good and true and lovely that I can be different in! Thanks for sharing, girl!

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