Let It Go!!!!

I feel like our society as a whole, has decided that it is OKAY to be scared.

We have decided in our heads that it is OKAY to over-care what others think of us and to let that lead our lives and set our limits.

God created YOU. And YOU are YOUR own person.

Quick little note….Please don’t get all judgy on me and think I’m saying that you should do whatever you want and disobey your elders. Totally not what I’m saying. Please keep reading.

There is a difference between obeying and being led. To obey, is to do what is asked of you. To be led, is to be willfully pushed to do something. Might be a bad thing, might be good. Just had to clarify that there is a difference in those two things.

When we allow other’s opinions of us to mess with our characters and our actions, we are WILLING them to lead us into a person that is. not. us.

We let ANOTHER person decide how WE act and what WE do with our lives.


Because humans are scared people.

We get scared of what someone might think of us, if we do what’s different.

We get scared thinking of what someone might say about us to others if we did that one thing…that thing that isn’t morally wrong. Just culturally abnormal.

We obsess over ourselves, wondering what another’s opinions of us, are.


Because we are scared to be different. We are scared to stand out from everyone else.

And WHY is that?

We are scared that we might be a disappointment to everyone who looks at our spotlight. Or we might fail, right in front of everyone staring. Or just that people will think we are weird and stop hanging out with us.

One note. If you being you stops people from being your friend, they never were true friends to start out with (assuming what you are doing isn’t morally wrong.).

We need to let go of these lies that are holding us back from being our true selves.

We need to realize that nobody’s opinion matters of us. Not really. Go be you and don’t care what others think. Don’t go around sinning and do morally wrong things, obviously. But don’t be too scared to sing WHENEVER you want to. Don’t be too scared to wear that outfit you love but is so bold or outgoing, you haven’t had the courage to put it on. Don’t be too scared to act like a kid in a park, even though you’re 38.

Don’t be too scared to act on the living joy around us. So often, we feel the joy and feel like we should go slide down the slide, dance in the street, sing in the neighborhood or squeal in delight at something, but we hold ourselves back. DON’T!! It doesn’t harm you to do it, so GO for it! I promise you will feel SO much more joy and energy, throughout your days. ♡

-Keziah ♡


4 thoughts on “Let It Go!!!!”

  1. Keziah, this is exactly what I needed! It’s so easy to find ourselves wondering what people will think of our actions, but honestly, it doesn’t matter so long as God is on our side! And we need to be a bit uncomfortable being strong and courageous, until we realize it actually IS do-able and beautiful! Thank you, girl! 🤗

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  2. “One note. If you being you stops people from being your friend, they never were true friends to start out with (assuming what you are doing isn’t morally wrong.).”

    Part of the problem is that these days, people don’t agree on what is and isn’t morally wrong. But it’s still more important to stand with God rather than with your so-called friends when the two come into conflict.

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