Don’t Focus JUST On Jesus’ Birth This Christmas ❤

I feel like we don’t focus on the BIG picture when it comes to Christmas. We have separated Jesus’s death from Christmas and focus on His BIRTH. Which isn’t bad. Christmas is, after all, centered around Him being born. However, as soon as we lose focus of WHY He came to earth in the first place – to pay for our sins and suffer a brutal death – we lose focus of the gravity of why He was born. When you forget why Jesus came, there’s not a whole lot of reasons to celebrate Him coming in the first place.

We need to celebrate His WHOLE life, on Christmas. We need to celebrate first of all, Jesus’ birth and His life on earth. And then we need to celebrate His LOVE for us, how He died for us and how He forgave us. We don’t need to be mournful of any of this, but rather REJOICE in how He came to earth as a baby and lived a life full of legacy and love, for EVERYONE who ever existed.

Don’t get caught up in STUFF,  this Christmas. Embrace the precious moments that our sweet Savior gave us and remember how much He loves you. Enough to be born on this earth and literally die for you. You are SO loved.

Merry Christmas. 🎄⛪❤

– Keziah 💕

8 thoughts on “Don’t Focus JUST On Jesus’ Birth This Christmas ❤”

  1. This has been coming up so much this season and I definitely think God is showing a lot of His people this at the same time! It’s so so important to remember this and I think you said it so well ❤️

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