2022 Overview – PART 1


WordPress was NOT working for me with this post, so there’s only January-October on here, and nothing about October because it won’t let me write it. πŸ˜†πŸ˜ SO! Second part is coming shortly after I post this one! Also! I’m planning on ACTUALLY posting more often! So yay!

Another year has flown by!! I started this year as a single, busy girl and now I’m married!! But definitely still super busy. 😁

I grew sooo much in 2022, and I cannot wait to see what God has for me, in 2023! Here’s a GIANT overview of the year for you!


January was crazy busy, but awesome! I tried to keep all my goals and habits in line and not fall away from doing them.

I babysat and nannied more in January!!

I took my little brother, Bubby, out on a “date” to an ice cream place near us. It was fun!

My friends and I got together for Bible study and bowling a lot in January and it was so fun!!

Micah, his dad and I all went to the OU vs. Kansas basketball game. It was AMAZING, even though we lost. We had such a great tine!!

I did a senior photoshoot for one of my friends, Kaydee, and had such a great time!

Rooted for my Pats to go to Superbowl!! They didn’t go, but I had fun rooting for them…πŸ˜†πŸ˜

Our corgi puppies grew bigger!!

I crocheted a blanket for Micah’s nana and papa for their 56th ANNIVERSARY!!!!! 😱❀ I think it’s so beautiful they’ve been married that long. πŸ₯°

Micah’s mom was sick on his birthday, so we didn’t end up celebrating his birthday till a week later. When we did celebrate it, however, we had such a great time. πŸ₯°β€

We had Operation: Goldfish, an airsoft fight that my brother and I put on. It was so awesome and we had a fantastic time!!!

Our house church group helps feed the homeless every 5 weeks, so when January 30th came around, we did that. 😊


There was not a whole lot in February…Micah and I and both our moms went “ring looking” to see what kind of ring I liked best! We had a lovely “steak date” to Texas Roadhouse for Valentine’s Day. We also had a ball that we attended, to raise money for our re-enacting group. We also got to watch one of our friends play basketball!! And our puppies grew and it snowed!!


MARCH WAS SO CRAZY AND AWESOME!!! I got engaged, we saw Harlem Globetrotters in person, I dyed SO many dressed, had ANOTHER airsoft fight, went to an AMAZING women’s conference, babysat and went to the zoo!! It was such a growing and joyful month! πŸ’—


I’m pretty sure the year just progressively got more crazy, from here.

In April, we did marriage counseling, civil war re-enacting, I did a couple photoshoots, we had ANOTHER ball, I babysat more, we taught at co-op (and had crazy hair day!!) and we had kittens!


May was CRAZY! We saw Tim Hawkins live, went to Missouri, had some AMAZING skies, saw Sight and Sound, I did more photoshoots, hung out with friends and so much more! It was a fabulous month.


There was SO much in June! One of my best friends got married, we started a Bible study with younger kids, I got quality time with some of my buddies, went to a financial conference which was SO amazing, went to two balls, voted for the first time and three of my brothers were baptized!! It was a very special month and full of grand memories.


July was full of traveling! We went to South Dakota with Micah’s family (and stayed at the Laura Ingall Wilder’s settlement) and Iowa with my family! We swam at Little Niagara, had a 4th of July dress-up with our Bible study and just hung out with friends!! 😊


AUGUST!! WOW!! We got married, honeymooned in Florida, went to our FIRST NFL game, had a giant “wedding celebration” and had LOTS of family time! Such a good and adventurous month.


September was a lovely month. We went to the fair, had Micah’s little sister sleepover with us, hung out with friends and just enjoyed life. πŸ’—



7 thoughts on “2022 Overview – PART 1”

  1. Looks like you had an amazing year! I got to go to Sight and Sound in September, and it was amazing! Hears to the new year even though it’s already March! Wow, time flies fast… hope this year is just as awesome as last year!

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