MY 2023 GOALS (and how I’m doing at them so far)


A LOT of us set out to make goals every year and sadly, most of us get lazy or discouraged and we never follow through with the goals.

This is your friendly reminder to PICK those goals BACK up and start over! It is NEVER too late to start again! πŸ’—

Here are my 2023 goals:

Overall Year Goals:

  • Go on at least ONE big trip
  • Read/Listen To 30+ Books
  • Run 50 Miles
  • Invest In At Least 2 Things
  • Have 1k YouTube Subscribers
  • Fast At Least 4 Times

Habits Added:

  • Write In Gratitude Journal EVERY Day
  • Draw At Least Once A Week
  • Do A Pause* EVERY Day
  • Read Bible + Journal About It EVERY Day
  • Stretch For Splitz EVERY Day
  • Do 5+ Push-ups EVERY Day
  • A Day In Nature AT LEAST Once A Month
  • Have A Date With Micah AT LEAST Once A Week
  • Journal Once A Week
  • Have A NO-PHONES DAY Once A Month
  • Take Vitamins EVERY Day
Micah’s brother took this of me while we were in line at Winter Jam. πŸ˜†

Let’s break all this down!

My parents brought us kids up with the knowledge that yes, goals are so good. But setting them into consistent habits is how you will be able to accomplish them the easiest. And it is SO true! I am much more likely to workout if I know that I will every day, or three times a week, or once a month, rather than it being randomly inconsistent. Once our bodies fall into a routine, we find ourselves doing our goals and habits without even really having to think about it.

A lot of those habits I have listed are pretty self-explanatory. The third one – do a Pause everyday – is this AMAZING app that I LOVE doing every morning and evening. It has grown me so close to God and I’d highly recommend y’all try it out.

Something I’ve learned about goals…

If you feel like you need to drop a goal either because (1)., You’re not feeling passionate about it or (2)., life circumstances have caused you to not be able to…that’s OKAY.

You should NOT drop a goal because you become lazy. But it IS okay to drop one for either of the reasons that I listed above and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for it.

I had a goal to run 50 miles. I started out okay. And then I realized – I had absolutely NO passion for it. I was just running because everyone I knew was doing it. And because I had no desire to run, I ended giving it up.

I still work out. I just don’t go running anymore. And that’s OKAY.

Did you see how I had a goal of making a habit to do 5+ push-ups everyday? I ended up having to change that goal, too.

Since I’ve sprained both my wrists multiple times, they’ve become extremely weak. To the point that, any strain I place on them hurts excruciatingly.

So, out went the push-ups. And now, I’m doing core workouts and dance routine. I switch off to give my body a break. Four days a week, I do core workouts. And three days a week, I do a dance routine from the wonderful program, STEEZY. Putting these together has helped me work out different areas of my body and I LOVE it! ❀️

The BIGGEST tip I have for YOU with your goals, is to control your goals and not let them control you. Feel free to let some go and feel free to add some on. They shouldn’t be easy but they shouldn’t be terribly dull and extremely hard. They must feel passionately hard. They must feel enticingly exhausting. Let them flow around you and BECOME your routine.

What you do TODAY, will determine who you are TOMORROW.

Aaaannnndddd!! That’s about all!

Let me know if y’all have any questions about any of my goals. 😁



– Keziah πŸ’—

7 thoughts on “MY 2023 GOALS (and how I’m doing at them so far)”

    1. Haha thanks! Nah, just worked with my dad!

      It will sound weird, but it’s a guy leading you through a prayer basically. It might seem weird at first, but the 30 day challenge grows you in the absolute sweetest ways with Jesus! Ways you wouldn’t believe are possible! πŸ’—

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  1. Hey hey, Keziah!! So good to see you back on here, girl!
    I’ve got loads of goals for this year … I haven’t even written them down yet, but anyway, they exist! XD I love your perspective on the goals you make; if they’re just for fun, but you’re not having fun, then it might be time to drop them! I’ll try and keep that in mind in crazy periods of a “To-Do” Lists with a million bullet points! XD
    Loved seeing all the pictures in the posts you’ve been making recently! It’s so fun to get a glimpse into your life!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SO sorry I haven’t emailed you back yet!! Soon, I promise!!
      Haha, write them out girl!! It’s a proven fact that if you write your goals down, you’re already 42% MORE likely to achieve them!!

      Liked by 1 person

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