Live in FREEDOM and not BONDAGE

I had a thought, recently... What if, instead of every time I went to pick up my phone to endlessly scroll or text or do any sort of meaningless thing...what if I instead picked up a book, a pen and paper, or my sketchbook? It is AMAZINGLY horrifying, how hard this is. I didn't realize… Continue reading Live in FREEDOM and not BONDAGE


We RARELY take this day for what it is. We spend hours planning Christmas and thinking about it, but Good Friday? The day that Jesus died for us; shed HIS BLOOD for us and had ALL OUR SINS upon Him - nah, let's just gloss over that day. We need to take this day seriously… Continue reading Take This Day SERIOUSLY

MY 2023 GOALS (and how I’m doing at them so far)

Hey!! A LOT of us set out to make goals every year and sadly, most of us get lazy or discouraged and we never follow through with the goals. This is your friendly reminder to PICK those goals BACK up and start over! It is NEVER too late to start again! 💗 Here are my… Continue reading MY 2023 GOALS (and how I’m doing at them so far)

Don’t Focus JUST On Jesus’ Birth This Christmas ❤

I feel like we don't focus on the BIG picture when it comes to Christmas. We have separated Jesus's death from Christmas and focus on His BIRTH. Which isn't bad. Christmas is, after all, centered around Him being born. However, as soon as we lose focus of WHY He came to earth in the first… Continue reading Don’t Focus JUST On Jesus’ Birth This Christmas ❤