I’m looking for people to participate in a huge BOOK EXCHANGE!! You can be anywhere in the US! All you have to do is buy your favorite book (just one) and send it to someone! l’ll send their name and address in a private message, you send the book. You should then receive roughly 36… Continue reading CALLING ALL BOOK LOVERS

Don’t Focus JUST On Jesus’ Birth This Christmas ❤

I feel like we don't focus on the BIG picture when it comes to Christmas. We have separated Jesus's death from Christmas and focus on His BIRTH. Which isn't bad. Christmas is, after all, centered around Him being born. However, as soon as we lose focus of WHY He came to earth in the first… Continue reading Don’t Focus JUST On Jesus’ Birth This Christmas ❤

please stop for a moment

STOP for the beauty around you, EVEN when you're late and b.r.e.a.t.h.e. it in. It will refresh you and restore your soul. Enjoy the little moments. Laugh often, worry less. Look for the seemingly little, yet impossibly pretty things in life that everybody else misses. Life sings beauty when you look for it and beauty… Continue reading please stop for a moment


WHY NOT? WHY NOT wear that outfit that makes you feel confident, even if it isn't the "modern style"? WHY NOT tell that stranger you love their shoes, because you're scared they'll think you're weird? WHY NOT try cooking that meal you're intimidated by, but have secretly always wanted to try? WHY NOT sing in… Continue reading WHY NOT?


My book is available for pre-order!!! I am SOOOO excited!! ❤ ❤ This is a book that is going to help SO many kids find truth in this darkened world. Help me spread the truth in a beautiful and loving way!! You can either pre-order online here or if you're local, I can meet up… Continue reading MY BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!!!