Hey all! I put together a SUPER fast survey (it honestly doesn't take long to take at all - honest!) to know how I can make my blog better. I'd LOVE for you to take it and share your thoughts with me on how to better it! THANKS!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!! -Keziah… Continue reading Survey!


Love Conquers ALL

There are many different ethnic groups of people throughout the world. Millions of people are crammed together in cities not big enough for so many people, while others are scattered around the globe. Thousands of people live in impoverished neighborhoods, while others don’t seem to have a care in the world and live in a… Continue reading Love Conquers ALL

Draw Something Every Day

I am most definitely going to try this!! I challenge you all to accept this challenge with me, as well. I’m not the best at drawing (Hero is ten times better than I am – her drawings are amazing!!), but I’m going to give this a shot! Join me and let’s do this!


Dear Readers,

I am taking a challenge to draw something, everyday, for 31 days. I will be starting on March first.

I wanted to invite all of you to do it with me. I have given the list below.

These drawings are not full, detailed sketches. I will be doing them on little cards, with a simple style.


  1. A cute little baby
  2. yourself as an animal
  3. a silly cat
  4. a space ship
  5. two characters from a book you’re reading
  6. a puppy
  7. a random person you saw today
  8. the eye of a human, a cat and a dragon
  9. an angry fairy
  10. a bear taking a selfie
  11. a magical train
  12. a bride
  13. a unicorn
  14. a grumpy old man
  15. a Disney princess as an animal
  16. your dream pet
  17. your favorite movie character at the age of five
  18. an angel
  19. a kitten in a teacup
  20. blind pick a picture off of Pinterest to…

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