Q&A With Keziah

Did a Q+A with Alicia!! She was so sweet to work with and I had a fantastic time doing this with her. Make sure to check her blog out and give her a follow!!!

Alicia Marentette

Hey guys! What better way to start off December than with a Q&A! I have a special guest, Keziah, from KeziahE. She is the eldest of 6 children, 17 years old and finished high school. Keziah is a writer, hoping to publish a book soon What’s So Bad About Abortion? for children.

So now onto the questions!

Hey, Keziah! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey!! First of all, thanks SO much for asking me to do this Q&A, Alicia!! I feel quite honored to be on your lovely blog. 😊 And now, about myself…😁 I absolutely love photography. I’ve been doing that for around 9 years and have done a decent amount of photoshoots for others. 😊 I also love to read, write, crochet, dance and be with people!!

You are so welcome, Keziah! It’s such a honor to have you here! Wow! I’d love to…

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