We Are Failing

Well, Mom and I went on a mission trip to Utah, at the end of July, of this year. It was a lot what I expected. But also different. And a very, very humbling experience. I'll explain why, in a moment. First off, I am a Christian, who knows that Mormonism is wrong and full… Continue reading We Are Failing

Stop Judging Yourself.

I have recently had a sort of "revelation" from God, while reading my Bible. "Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, 'Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.'"-Romans 12:19 I can be really bad at beating myself up, when I do something wrong. I… Continue reading Stop Judging Yourself.

I’m Publishing A Book And Need YOUR HELP!!!

Hey y'all! I've been up to something *decently* big... M and Carly Manes have been working towards publishing a children's book entitled "What's An Abortion, Anyways?" which I entirely disagree with. If y'all have read this blog of mine long enough, you know how passionate I am, about being a pro-life advocate. So. Naturally. I… Continue reading I’m Publishing A Book And Need YOUR HELP!!!

i felt love. i felt pain.

I felt love.I felt pain.Days had sun,Some had rain. I felt strong,I felt weak.Some days shown,Others, felt bleak. All felt lost;I loathed life.I hated the pain,And I hated the strife. I felt upset,Too upset to cry.What was my purpose?Why couldn’t I die? The days felt dark,Too dark for the light.I began to fade,Too weak; no… Continue reading i felt love. i felt pain.

Covid19 Vaccines + Abortion

Like things couldn't get worse with the coronavirus and just this world in general. I'm sure that you are intrigued by my title and I beg of you to read my whole post. I am going to share what others have not, and what MUST be spoken and written of. We cannot remain silent on… Continue reading Covid19 Vaccines + Abortion

Mission (Seemingly) Impossible: Finding Joy

Hey all! I wanted to write a post about a mission which I have been on, recently. That mission has been seemingly impossible to accomplish. But I've found that it's actually not impossible; it's attainable. In our culture, you're happy when you are a part of happy things. When chaos strikes and you find your… Continue reading Mission (Seemingly) Impossible: Finding Joy

Sunshine Blogger Awards 3 + 4!!

Hey all!! I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Joshua and Anna! Thanks so much guys, I had so much fun doing this!! The rules for this awesome award are: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. List the rules and… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Awards 3 + 4!!

Red Hot Dogs, Pork, Conventional Meat and Why You Should Be Concerned For Your Health.

That's a long title, I know, but this is a long blog post, so they fit together. I recently got to wondering WHY processed meats are so bad for you, and my mom encouraged me to do my own research and draw my own thoughts. Here's the startling information that I found: Red Hot Dogs:Should… Continue reading Red Hot Dogs, Pork, Conventional Meat and Why You Should Be Concerned For Your Health.