In 2021, DON’T Say Goodbye.

Thought Catalog wrote an article entitled "In 2021, Say Goodbye To Toxic Humans". It basically stated that in 2021, a person should cut off all negative relationships they have, getting rid of any darkness in their life, because "you deserve to be surrounded by sunlight." Sunlight isn't bad. It's a beautiful thing and we need… Continue reading In 2021, DON’T Say Goodbye.

I Love Them.

Hey y'all. Recently, I posted my thoughts on transgenderism and homosexuality. I really vented my thoughts on this, but I failed to clarify something, which a few people have {kindly} confronted me with. This being, Love. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on I am a huge fan of loving people. It's something that God has… Continue reading I Love Them.