Your Thoughts, Please.

Okay y’all!! I would like to know your thoughts on three things…

First, what has been the most inspirational/influential thing I have written to y’all (could you describe it, or comment with the link to the post I wrote? Thanks!!)?

Second, if I wrote a book with just things I’ve learned in life and my opinion on some matters, how much of a chance is there that you’d read it?

And, Third…What are some topics you’d like to see me write on? I’d really love to know what y’all are personally interested in that I could write on.


Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

28 thoughts on “Your Thoughts, Please.”

  1. Hmmm, my thoughts huh? Well, I’d say I would most definitely read a book written by you! Your post’s are always really encouraging! You also write them in a very engaging way. The most inspiring thing? That is really hard! Maybe “We base our lives wrong.” OR “should Christian’s have high self esteem.” But that’s hard because alllllllll your post’s have inspired me in some way! What should you write on? Being hard-working. Disciplined. Diligent. Overcoming laziness. Pretty much anything that has to do with work. You probably know why….

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  2. OMIGOODNESS. I would SO read a book you wrote! Like, SO. 😂
    I really loved your two posts “10 tips on how to understand the opposite sex” and “32 misconceptions flirting boy/girl relationships (those were pretty much the first two I read, since I found out about you through Elisha! XD) But anyway, I love it when you present new angles on “Life” stuff like relationships, taking action to do the right thing, etc. I’ll think up some ideas and email them to you! 💗

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  3. I would absolutely read a book you wrote!! And I would have to agree with Makayla and say that your collabs with Elisha were pretty top notch 😁And I also loved One Act of Love and your fashion post. For suggestions….I’d love to see more pictures of your life, little short inspiring posts, lessons you’ve personally learned recently, etc. Love ya girl! ❤️

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  4. (1) Probably your post about abortion. That’s what comes to mind first.
    (2) 100%.
    (3) Maybe just what’s going on in your life from day to day, although I know you tell me that sometimes anyway.

    If you get a chance, I’m curious of your answers to the same questions about me, but no big deal.

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    1. Awesome, thanks so much!!

      Well, I really love all your posts, especially when you start writing about girls you liked at the time (I’m a romantic at heart sometimes… 🙂 ).
      I’d absolutely read a book you wrote!! It would be super cool if you got all your stories on your blog and compiled it it create a novel. I’d totally read that.
      And I’d love it if you did a post just about YOU, right now. That would be cool. 🙂

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      1. (1) Haha… now I feel like I’m disappointing you because the posts about girls usually don’t have happy endings.
        (2) At least two other people have told me that… maybe sometime in the distant future?
        (3) I have three, maybe four more episodes coming before a planned interlude, as I do every June and December in the fictional timeline. I can write about me right now during the interlude.

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  5. Honestly, your posts are awesome. But it’s the fact that such a young person is so powerfully outspoken about their biblical and moral beliefs in a time where the opposite is so predominant.

    I wish more young people would be as fiery and vigorous as you are being.

    I completely support you. And why I wanted you in my community.

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      1. All Christians need to be as outspoken as you are right now. Instead of sitting around waiting and wishing for life to go back to normal.

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