Writing Letters: Why It’s So Important

Hey all! Today we are going to be talking about writing letters, and why people in general should be doing this, more. First off, handwriting a letter is extremely good for you, health-wise. The brain engages differently, than when it does when you type. Handwriting not only retains memory, but it helps you to learn… Continue reading Writing Letters: Why It’s So Important

Sunshine Blogger #5, Mystery Blogger #2, Share Your Passion + 1 Grateful Person Awards

Hey y'all!! Time for a post where I catch up on all my awards which I have been nominated for. Thanks so much to everyone who nominated me; y'all are awesome!! And I am so sorry that I have not gotten this done sooner...please forgive me for taking forever. 1 Grateful Person Award I have… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger #5, Mystery Blogger #2, Share Your Passion + 1 Grateful Person Awards

Masquerade Ball 2019!

Hey all!! I had the privilege of getting to go to a masquerade ball this October! I had SO much fun, made SO many good memories, and I wanted to share with y'all how it went. 🙂 My escort was one of my very good friends, Micah, and some friends of our's tagged along with… Continue reading Masquerade Ball 2019!