Never, EVER Give Up

You know that feeling, when all you want to do is curl up and cry? To shut everything and everyone else out. To abandon anyone who could even begin to care for you. It hurts. People can hurt you. People who you love and who you thought you could trust. But, do you want to… Continue reading Never, EVER Give Up

2022 Goals

Good morning everyone!! Today, I wanted to talk about my 2022 goals and I wanted to ask what y'alls' are? I have had some people tell me that they don't make any goals each year. I really think that it is a good idea to make goals, though. Even if you don't end up completing… Continue reading 2022 Goals

Will You Be My Beta Readers??

Good evening!! Happy New Year!! I have yet another book I am wanting to publish, but I would LOVE to have y'alls' input on what I could change, or make better. It's called.... "Go M.A.D." (acronym stands for - Make A Difference) and it is just a short little book (about 40 pages), full of… Continue reading Will You Be My Beta Readers??

Honor Him. Don’t Insult.

I was reading in my Bible in Proverbs, and came across a verse which I hadn't noticed, before. "Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but He who is generous to the needy honors Him." - Proverbs 14:31 So, this is basically saying that when we don't help those around us who so desperately… Continue reading Honor Him. Don’t Insult.

You ARE Forgiven

Talking to God the other day, I realized something. I realized, I don't need to ask God to forgive me. Why? Because I AM already forgiven. Why did Jesus die on the cross for us? To pay for our sins. We don't need to ask Jesus to forgive us. He already has. That does not… Continue reading You ARE Forgiven

Fight Hard, Sister.

I have battled this for years.I have spent hours praying over this.I have poured out tears over this.I have struggled and fought this for so long... Lust. That one word that has been the cause of my struggling for so, so long. Lust. That sin that we as women, silently struggle with and no one...not… Continue reading Fight Hard, Sister.

Q&A With Keziah

Did a Q+A with Alicia!! She was so sweet to work with and I had a fantastic time doing this with her. Make sure to check her blog out and give her a follow!!!

Alicia Marentette

Hey guys! What better way to start off December than with a Q&A! I have a special guest, Keziah, from KeziahE. She is the eldest of 6 children, 17 years old and finished high school. Keziah is a writer, hoping to publish a book soon What’s So Bad About Abortion? for children.

So now onto the questions!

Hey, Keziah! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey!! First of all, thanks SO much for asking me to do this Q&A, Alicia!! I feel quite honored to be on your lovely blog. 😊 And now, about myself…😁 I absolutely love photography. I’ve been doing that for around 9 years and have done a decent amount of photoshoots for others. 😊 I also love to read, write, crochet, dance and be with people!!

You are so welcome, Keziah! It’s such a honor to have you here! Wow! I’d love to…

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