Worldview Academy Camp (And The AMAZING Time I Had There)

I left for the Worldview Academy Camp on June 9th, and returned on the 14th. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it was. My parents are pretty protective with the whole camp-thing and I hadn't ever been to a camp before this year, when I went to Worldview. So when I approached… Continue reading Worldview Academy Camp (And The AMAZING Time I Had There)


WSU – Weekly Scripture Unearthings

Hey all! It’s time for the WSU – Weekly Scripture Unearthing! I am not the best at writing out my thoughts like this, so I’m sorry if I repeat myself or sound like I’m ranting. XD Please tell me what you think in the comments below! Titus 3:5 (ESV): “He [Jesus] saved us, not because… Continue reading WSU – Weekly Scripture Unearthings

Nathan Blake Games (Plz Reblog)

Reblog of a post by Ezra! Make sure to check his awesome blog out.

Ezra's Everything Spot

 Hello everyone! Today I am making a post to promote my uncle’s YouTube channel! His channel is called called Nathan Blake Games! 

Here is the what his channel’s all about (copied from the discription page on his channel 😉 ): Nathan Blake Games is a Channel I’ve decided to start In hopes of creating a community that could work together to raise money for charity, support each other, and have fun doing it! Follow my Twitch here: My Twitter here: Listen to me talk about stuff WAY too much, ramble, and sometimes maybe even say something mildly insightful…. I want to create a focus on playing games with my friends, and playing Indie games that are still in prototype or beta so people can learn more about them and they can gain some traction. Ultimately I want to create a place that people can come together and make…

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