Do Little Things.

So, I got to thinking about something today and I wanted to write about it. In this day and age and honestly, years and years before our time, kids have been told, "You're never too little to do big things." It's what we've heard all our lives and what piles of kids have heard, before… Continue reading Do Little Things.

Are You Even Here?

Well, I have been realizing something that I have decided to ask about. My blog, and a couple other bloggers' sites, have lots of followers. But not many readers. And this is my frustration. I have 200+ followers on my blog, but only a handful of you (probably 4-5, at the most) actually comment on… Continue reading Are You Even Here?

We Are Undeserving Of What We Think We Deserve

This might be the most open and honest blog post I have ever written. So, congratulations to you, who gets the privilege of reading some of my more personal writings. I have always struggled with discontentment. I look forwards to going to a party, but when my siblings get sick and I am unable to,… Continue reading We Are Undeserving Of What We Think We Deserve