2022 Overview – PART 2

NOVEMBER NOVEMBER!! WOW!! We had sooo much fun at co-op, one of my dear friends got married, we housesat (and I fell in love with a puppy there 😍), spent SO much time with family, and just felt so much JOY. ❤️ DECEMBER December was sooo great! There was Christmas, New Year's Eve, our Victorian… Continue reading 2022 Overview – PART 2

2022 Overview – PART 1

SO SORRY THIS IS SO LATE!! WordPress was NOT working for me with this post, so there's only January-October on here, and nothing about October because it won't let me write it. 😆😐 SO! Second part is coming shortly after I post this one! Also! I'm planning on ACTUALLY posting more often! So yay! Another… Continue reading 2022 Overview – PART 1