New Happenings

I'm sure a lot of you have been wondering how I've been and what's been going on... Quite honestly, I feel as if I've fallen off the face of the blogger earth, leaving behind all my friends. And when I come back, it seems as if everyone left with me! So, here I am. Striving… Continue reading New Happenings

2022 Overview – PART 2

NOVEMBER NOVEMBER!! WOW!! We had sooo much fun at co-op, one of my dear friends got married, we housesat (and I fell in love with a puppy there 😍), spent SO much time with family, and just felt so much JOY. ❤️ DECEMBER December was sooo great! There was Christmas, New Year's Eve, our Victorian… Continue reading 2022 Overview – PART 2

Encouragement: School!!

Hey all! Well, some of you may be going to back to school right about now; some of you may soon, and some of you may already have. I started yesterday (August 5th) and am pretty excited for this school year and all that it holds! A random shot of some of my school supplies...Totally… Continue reading Encouragement: School!!