Make Your Name Worth Having

I was recently contemplating, names. What you and I are called. Why people care so much about what they name their children, and the definitions behind the names.

And what I have come to the conclusion, is that…

Our names revolve around relationships.

So, I will explain. I started by asking myself, why are we even named?

After some thought, I realized that we are named names, so we can have relationships with the people around us.

If we didn’t have names, we would all just be average humans. Unique, but not set apart.

Names ARE what set us apart. They are like faces. Names distinguish you, from me. They can bring joy to others, or dread and dismay.

And guess what? You get to decide how you want your name to be viewed. YOU get to decide, when people hear your name, what they think of.

I’m completely serious about this, y’all. You are SO important. And so is your name, and what you make of it.

Be the person you want your name associated with.

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ❤

14 thoughts on “Make Your Name Worth Having”

  1. Hmm. That’s a good point.

    And that’s why I don’t understand why parents name kids after celebrities or fictional characters… is that really who you want your kid to be associated with forever? I overheard a friend who is a teacher talking about a misbehaving girl in her class named Bella, saying something like “Why are the misbehaving girls always named Bella?” I said, “It’s because the name ‘Bella’ became popular because of the book Twilight, and any mom who is that obsessed with Twilight can’t be a very good parent.” I said it jokingly, but it makes you wonder…

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    1. Yeah, it definitely is interesting. And like, I’m fine with naming your kid after a fictional character, or something…but it needs to be for a good reasons and not some awful name. And it’s up to each person, to live out who they are, no matter what they’re named.

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  2. And this is why I love thinking about the meaning of a name. When I lived in Israel, most everyone had a name that had an important meaning and almost everyone knew the meaning of their name. In America hardly anyone knows the meaning of their name if it even has a meaning. So I love thinking about the meaning of a name before just naming a child that. Good thoughts, Keziah!

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  3. I have noticed that one of the most common tactics of dehumanizing people is removing or ignoring names. For example, in the Nazi concentration camps: each prisoner was assigned a number and wasn’t called by his/her name anymore. Names DO distinguish us from each other and partly define us.
    I mean God even specifically named Adam and he, in turn, named the animals and his wife. If God thinks names are important, they are.

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  4. I’m inspired by my name – Makayla, “who is like God” …. not because I am like God, oh no! But because I was born to proclaim and live to the world the question of wonder and worship, “Who is like God?” (waxing poetic, lol!!) Great post – and great thoughts, Keziah! 😄

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