We Do Not Give In

What do we do,
When the world is falling apart?
People around us;
Swaying, giving in.

They said freedom was ours,
That we had a choice.
Yet they strip it away;
Telling us we are taken care of.

What is freedom, amidst tyranny?
What is faith, when not shared?
What is truth, when surrounded by lies?
What is love, when we are poisoned by hate?

They may force,
They may push us.
They may lie;
Try to deceive us.

Yet we will not give in.
We will not betray our beliefs.
We will hold fast and not yield.
We will not bend to them, even if it means we break.

We will not be beckoned by their lies;
The truth is what we believe in.
It has always shown the brightest,
And it will always defeat the darkness.

We will rise above our fear,
We will stand and not fall.
We will cling to love and hope.
We do not give in. We stay true.

They may take away our freedom,

But they will not have our loyalty.

– Keziah Hofmann

17 thoughts on “We Do Not Give In”

  1. Great poem! Though, how do we stand? How will we not fall? How will we do these things that are listed in the poem? Is it not by resting in the strength of God; letting go of trying to do it ourselves and standing in his strength and power; knowing that it is He who loves us; knowing that it is He who gives us peace? It is He who will hold us fast. Nothing in this world can separate us from the love of Christ. (end of Romans 8). It is he who is the light and has already defeated the darkness.

    How would you answer those questions, Keziah?

    The poem is like a singular glimpse into a scene and from that glimpse, you have to figure out what is happened in the rest of the scene. Very thought-provoking. I always find it difficult to write thought-provoking poetry. Great job!

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    1. Right, definitely. I meant, we won’t fall prey to the lies and darkness of this world…. we’ll hold fast to God and remain strong in Him. Because with Him, we CAN stand and be strong, against even the hardest times.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! Loved it! I started reading and I as like “ahaa, I know where she’s going with this!” Great job! I loved the honest simplicity and strong language!

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    1. Thanks for reading!! I think opinions are awesome. Until it gets to the point of what the Bible says and following that, we need to stick to opinions and conviction. If that makes sense?

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      1. As I’ve stated in some of my posts, I hear all the time people say the big G is taking our rights. Well, if a right isn’t upheld by the people, it’s a relinquished right. Therefore it’s ripe for the picking.

        People think the only power we have is voting. Our enemies are roaring. They do what they want to get their way. We (Christians) have Almighty God. We have 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and 1 Timothy 2:1-2. And we have prayer, we have voices, we can be resistant. What do you mean the big G is taking ‘our rights’?

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      2. I think slowly, they have been invading people’s minds to the point that most of us don’t think for ourselves. We let the government and media tell us what to think.

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      3. Exactly! That, and I think people just feel helpless. We’ve been emptied for so long we are oblivious.

        I tell people, you believe in God? Yes. Then you have to believe in the very literal existence of God. That He is in fact on His throne right now with Jesus at His right hand. Once we all realize this, then we’ll see things turn around.

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