What If We Stopped Fearing…

This world has become so saturated in fear.

And it’s as if we don’t even see it.

We mask up, because we’re afraid. We social distance, because we’re afraid. We abort our children, because we’re afraid. We “switch” genders, because we’re afraid.

We do SO many things, out of fear.

And where has this fear gotten us? Only deeper into our depravity and furthering our misery. Blinding us to the forebodings about and stumbling us in the darkness. Creating in us the desire for peace and not the godforsaken land being overrun by what has blackened it – fear.

Why can’t we learn to accept ourselves as we were created? Why can’t we learn to find peace in God, when the world is in disarray?

What has brought us to this place in life, where we have thrown away the belief of God and morality, and embraced the notion of free-reign and immorality for all?

If we just threw away the idea that fear was available to us…that doubting God was an option… we’d live with much more peace.

And yet, why don’t we? Why must we hold onto fear in the way we do? We grasp onto it as if it’s our life supply.

When we stop looking to God and the peace He can give us, we wander towards the other side…darkness and the fear that penetrates and ruins our relationship with our Savior and those around us. See, fear doesn’t just ruin our relationship with God. It destroys the trust we have with others and creates dissension.

We must stop relying upon the fear of man and start holding onto the truth and peace of God. Life without peace, is a life full of fear. And you don’t want to live the rest of your days, afraid of what others think and what is happening around you. Such is a life of no freedom, in a prison you have created yourself.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

5 thoughts on “What If We Stopped Fearing…”

  1. Absolutely agree. Fear keeps us in a “lockdown” state of mind … where we can’t do helpful, enjoyable, or ambitious things, even though we desperately want to, because the fear holds us back. We have not been given a spirit of fear, but instead the ability to overcome that fear with God’s gift of self discipline; testing our thoughts and convictions to what He says about life. 🤗💕 Hope you’re doing well, Keziah!

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      1. You’re totally welcome! I’m doing pretty well, thanks! 😅 I’ll have to respond to your email pretty soon … hopefully this week! 🤗

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