Grow. Don’t Kill.

What if there wasn’t any love unrequited?
What if when loved, we gave love back?
What if this world was a pool of love,
A pool of joy and contentment?
Where respect and honor prospered.

What if we gave even before we were given?
What if we held tightly before the tears were spilled?
What if we loved through the hate?
What would happen if you loved a stranger more than yourself?

We suffocate in a mire of hate.
Drowning each other.
Love is nonexistent…
We are drowning ourselves.

Why can’t we give in to love?
Why must we relent to hate?
Why are we so self centered?
Whatever happened to unity?

If we loved before it was given.
We’d be the last to hate.
If we listened before we judged,
We’d be growers. Not killers.

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