Hey y’all!!!

I have a question.

Most of you should be familiar with the book I’m going to publish, called “What’s So Bad About Abortion, Anyways?” confronting the book, “What’s An Abortion, Anyways?”

If you are NOT familiar with it….Then PLEASE check out the two links below!!


I was wondering how many of y’all would be interested in purchasing a t-shirt similar to the one below, were I to decide to design and sell these (it would be $20)? It would go to the cause of the book, and saving babies’ lives… 🙂 Just contact me. 🙂

Please let me know in the comments below, if you’d be interested at all and if so, I’ll either contact you if I have your info, or you may contact me via my page and we’ll figure it out!! Thanks!!!

-Keziah ❤

2 thoughts on “Question!!”

  1. Hey Keziah!! It sounds like your you have a great mission with your book! I can’t wait to read it when it comes out.
    To answer your question, I personally would wear a shirt with a quote from your book or about abortion sooner than I would wear a shirt with just the book promotion. It’s not that I don’t think you should promote your book, but (and this is just my opinion) I think a quote from the book is a good question starter, something that I myself would want to wear to promote all of pro-life, and more attractive. But this is just my thoughts, so definitely don’t decide based on only my opinion.
    Keep up the good work! I’m sure the Lord will bless it! 💕

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