I’ve been thinking more and more, about how incredibly selfish we can be. Including myself. I get tired, so I feel grumpy and I want to let it out on those around me. Even when they aren’t the cause. I justify my actions by how I feel.

How stupid. We’re becoming as bad as those who identify as another gender, based on how they feel. We are blaming our actions, on our feelings and emotions. This isn’t right AT. ALL.

It’s actually a sin, if you ask me. We are pushing our sins, onto something else, saying we aren’t at fault. It’s awful! And I’m as much to blame as anyone else.

The BIGGEST thing we need to realize with this, is that we aren’t throwing enough love at those around us.

I think that’s what God wanted us to do the most, on this earth. Was to love people. I mean, look at Jesus – the guy we are supposed to mimic and follow!! He WAS love. Helping and caring beyond what any of us could give.




The more you love people around you, the less selfish you become. It practically takes care of itself.

When I am having a hard time being selfish, I try and just pray for people. For me, it is replacing my selfish thoughts and feelings, with the needs and desires of others. It is putting others, before yourself. What Jesus did ALL. THE. TIME. And it is such a beautiful thing…something we need to do more of.


I just want to really, really, really encourage y’all to just LOVE!!! Throw it around!! Make it so when you walk in a room, people get this energy and just feel loved. That’s called being like Jesus and putting others over yourself. It’s the most beautiful thing you can do.

Carpe Diem!!

– Keziah ❤

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