Abortion – Lies Women Are Told And The Truth They Need

There are a lot of people in this world that believe that abortion is a great thing. Then there are other people like me, who disagree wholeheartedly and want to stop this bloodbath that is occurring in our nation.

Planned Parenthood (PP) was first organized in 1938. There’s millions of people that think that PP is a great organization – that it helps women.

How could killing your baby and living with the guilt afterwards for the rest of your life HELP you?

Below are some Questions to some of the most searched-for abortion questions. I’ve researched myself and found the answers, compiling them together. Except this time, it’s the truth.

Q: 1. Are Abortion Procedures REALLY Safe?

A: “Proven doctors” claim that abortions are completely safe and perfectly fine. For the baby, of course not. It’s taking the life of the child. For the woman… I will just ask.

How, in any circumstances, is surgically removing another live organism, a little baby, from your body……safe? You might recover well after the procedure, but that doesn’t mean that it is safe. When abortion procedures are done, the child is murdered and the woman is emotionally scarred for life. I know a lot of women say that they were perfectly fine after their abortion. How have we become so demoralized?

Q: 2. Is It Really A Child, Or Just A Fetus?

A: The fact that you are questioning this means something. Some people claim that, “A baby is not a baby until it is born.” That’s ridiculous. It’s like saying, “Blood isn’t blood until it comes out of you” or that “an organ is not an organ until it is taken from your body”. That’s irrational.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a previous abortion doctor, said this, “Fetology makes it undeniably evident that life begins at conception and requires all the protection and safeguards that any of us enjoy. As a scientist I know, not believe, know that human life begins at conception.” A baby will always be a baby until it grows up, no matter what happens to it or what people call it.

Q: 3. Does An Abortion Hurt?

A.It does hurt the baby. I personally think that abortion has got to be one of the most absolute brutal ways to die.

And yes. It does hurt the carrier. She may not feel the pain as it happens, with her being drugged, but pain will ensue afterwards.

Q: 4. But what about rights of a woman? Doesn’t she have the ability to make choices about her own body?

A. Each and every person ought to have the freedom and liberty to make their OWN choices. I absolutely agree with that. But to choose whether to keep or take the life of another… isn’t their place. That’s God place to decide. And if we can have at least some say in the matter, we should choose what we hold to be true. For me, that’s life. Yes. Women should be able to choose what to do with their bodies. But a baby isn’t a woman’s body. It is its own body. It should have the ability and freedom to live, just like the woman had the freedom and ability to choose abortion as an option.

Let me know if y’all have other things to add to this. I’d love to add on. Thanks for reading. Keep fighting the good fight!

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ❤

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