Your Life – More Contented

This has been a bit of a rough year for me, so far.... I have struggled a lot, and it's been hard. But I've also learned so much, and I'm still learning. Something I heard from a financial course I took, was: There is a way for you to become content, and that is first… Continue reading Your Life – More Contented

You Need To Change.

People say they want to change the world. But you can't change it, unless you yourself change. You can't expect miracles to happen, Without being willing to partake. You want more love in the world? Start loving. You want hate to go away? Stop hating. You want peace and not war? Stop fighting. You want… Continue reading You Need To Change.

My Absolute Favorite Musicals

Hey y'all! Upon asking my best friend what to write on and him saying I should do my favorite musicals, here I am. I can't choose favorites with a lot of things, so this list isn't in any particular order. Just my favorites. 🙂 Music Man Music Man was released in 1962 and is… Continue reading My Absolute Favorite Musicals